GPK Exclusives Set for San Diego Comic Con

Update 7/16/18 – Topps revealed via Facebook today that the three prints will now be available in 8 x 10 size, and come with three different backgrounds. White ($15), Transparent ($20), and Foil ($25). This info differs with what Atomic Toybox released previously.


Topps and Garbage Pails Kids have a long history of making an appearence at the country’s largest Comic Con. This year will be no exception. Thanks to GPK collector srezvan for first pointing out this years exclusives. Topps, Creepy Co., and Atomic Toybox are teaming up to offer a number of exclusive GPK items. Atomic Toybox will once again be the booth (#3921) where these GPK items will be for sale. Here’s what will be offered.

Topps will have three Jumbo Stock Card Art Prints. These poster sized cards measure 11 x 14. The officially licensed art was done by GPK artist Joe Simko. Each card will be produced in limited quantities for the show. Exact production numbers have not been revealed. Each jumbo card will be available for $20.

The art for one of the cards will also be offered as a t-shirt. The shirt is licensed by Topps and produced by Creepy Co. Also available in limited quantities, the shirt will sell for $35.

Finally, Creepy Co. has produced an enamel pin of Nat Nerd along with a GPK lanyard. The pair will sell for $15.


This year’s San Diego Comic Con is set to take place from July 19-22 at the San Diego Convention Center.

6 Replies to “GPK Exclusives Set for San Diego Comic Con”

  1. I H8 San Diego Comic Con. I wish GPK wouldn’t support a show that you can’t get into. Especially with so short notice. Supporting an event and company like this in no way is for the collector.

  2. Agreed. Topps doesn’t seem to want to support shows where the GPK fans DO go like Gross Card Con or the Philly Non Sport Show. Card companies like Cryptozoic and Sidekick consistently attend the Philly Show and they put out awesome quality card sets to boot. Topps has gotten too big to actually care about the real fan base of their brands and it’s become more about their image as a company and not the image of their products.

  3. Hey,
    It’s Tony, and as of yet I can not find any info on the site on the Topps promo 5×7 card for this. Can you get that info and add it? I would love to know a print number.


    • There was a 5X7 Creepy Co promo and a 5X7 Atomic Toybox promo that served as advertisements to the booth. There has not been any print run info revealed on those.

      • Thanks for responding?

        2 different ones? I have a blue one with the gpk drawing that names both creepy, topps, and toy box at the bottom for booth #3921. What does the other one look like? Or was it just that one.