GetAGrip Launches Garbage Pail Kids ANS 20th Anniversary Deck

GetAGrip threw out a surprise Wednesday launch today of their Garbage Pail Kids ANS 20th Anniversary Skateboard Deck. The company says the blind bagged deck contains artwork from Rory McQueen to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of ANS Series 1. In a first, the company didn’t reveal the artwork on the deck. The package comes with a signed triptych card, and an Adam Bomb Discraft disc with John Pound’s artwork. The decks are limited to /120. Decks can be purchased from GetAGrip’s website for $150. The company also launched a separate Discraft Adam Bomb golf disc. Discs are limited to 300, and cost $29.99. The company says decks and discs will begin shipping in early August. Come celebrate the ANS years with GetAGrip!