Topps Launches 2023 Entertainment Blend Look ‘n See by Ermsy

The blend is back, as Topps launches its second set that features many of its own entertainment properties. 2023 Topps Entertainmnet Blend Look ‘n See by Ermsy features cards with Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Mars Attacks, and with a heavy emphasis on Look ‘n See. Look ‘n See was a Topps brand from the 1950’s that featured portrait style art of famous figures. Just like last year, Ermsy completed all the artwork for the set. All cards in the set appear to be done in the Look ‘n See style. This time around the base set consists of 20 “a” GPK cards. Each box comes with 6 cards, 5 base cards and 1 parallel or insert card. Collectors have the chance of pulling parallels in Blue Foil /49, Green Foil /25, Red Foil /10, and Gold Foil 1/1. Inserts found can be “b” name (20 subjects), Wacky Packages (5 subjects), Mars Attacks (5 subjects), Ermsy card, or Ermsy autograph. Boxes cost $19.99 per box or $94.99 for 5 boxes, and can be purchased at There is no time table currently set for the sale. You can view the checklist of the series by clicking here. Here are some pictures of the cards available.