Garbage Pail Kids Taste Buds Series 1 Begins Surfacing at Breweries

Garbage Pail Kids Taste Buds Series 1 begin showing up this week at the 20 breweries who were part of the set. Thanks to collector Billy Adam for info and pictures of the cards. Billy visited the Half Acre brewery where they just received the cards from Topps. Instead of complete sets, the breweries have 10 card + 1 Gold parallel packs. Each brewery pack comes in a themed Taste Buds box with an inner silver sales pack. The box also has the list of breweries on the back. These are the same packs that were sold online to collectors. While the online packs cost collectors $20, this brewery was selling them for $10 each.

This brewery received 500 packs to sell locally. This is the number GPKNews had also heard a few weeks ago. If each brewery received 500 packs that would put the brewery packs at 10,000. After including online sales, it puts the total pack run at 13,382. That comes out to 3,263 complete sets that can be made from these packs. It would put the each gold parallel at 326 copies. Quite a high print run for a niche GPK set. GPKNews can also confirm that artists will be starting work shortly on Taste Buds Series 2, set for release later this summer.