Garbage Pail Kids Plushers Series 1 Available for Pre-order

Update: Big Bad Toy Store has Plushers available for preorder as well, with more information on what is being offered. There are two different types of plushers being offered. They 3.5” bag clip plush dolls come 18 to a box. BBTS had boxes available for preorder for 99.99. All 12 figures are pictured below. In attrition they have a 6 pack of 8” figures available for 89.99. These figures do not have the clips. The figures in the 6-pack are; Adam Bomb, Dead Ted, Tee Vee Stevie, Leaky Lindsay, New Wave Dave, and Nat Nerd. BBTS shows the release date as Dec. 2022. See below for more pictures.

Back in May, Topps filed for a trademark for GPK Plushers, it looks like that product is coming out. Toywiz has packs of Garbage Pail Kids Plushers Series 1 available for preorder now. Plushers are 3.5″ plush GPK figures with a clip on the top to hang from backpacks. They are being sold in mystery blind packs. The description says there are 12 different figures to collect. ToyWiz does show an image with 8 of the figures. The usual suspects are all there, lead by Adam Bomb. Toywiz is selling these for $6.99 each with an estimated January 2023 ship date. Expect more venues to have these available in the coming weeks.