Garbage Pail Kids Part of Topps International Trading Card Day

Do you want a Mike Trout or Adam Bomb? Collectors get to make that choice during this year’s Topps International Trading Card Day. Previously called National Baseball Card Day, Topps is expanding the program this year to include different brands. Collectors that visit a participating hobby store on Aug. 6 can choose to receive a free pack of either MLB, UEFA soccer, or Garbage Pail Kids cards. Topps released information to distributors today on the promotion along with the first look at the cards. Each pack of cards contains 5 cards from the brand collectors choose and 1 marketing card. No checklist has been revealed yet for the program, so there is no information yet on the set size. Each 50 pack box stores buy, yes hobby shop have to purchase the packs, contain 30 MLB, 13 soccer, and 7 GPK packs. Topps did reveal a checklist and participating store list on last year’s promotion just prior to the date, so hopefully collectors will have the information again this year.