Garbage Pail Kids Gone Exotic T-Shirt and Cards Coming Monday

Early Saturday, on Topps Garbage Pail Kids Facebook page, they teased new Gone Exotic merchandise. According to Topps, starting Monday at 5:00 PM there will be a t-shirt featuring the artwork for Joe Chaotic and the Gone Exotic 1 card set going on sale on the NTWRK website. Visiting the site or using the app does show the upcoming launch on Monday. They are advertising what appears the be the same initial 10 card Gone Exotic card set that was offered online by Topps a few weeks back. The set will be listed for sale at $20. That set sold a record 3285 sets online. Topps confirmed with GPKNews that these are the same cards from the first set. They are also part of the original print run. The site is also advertising a new t-shirt. The front features the Garbage Pail Kids logo, while the back has the card for Joe Chaotic. The shirts will be able to be purchased for $35. Collectors can goto the NTWRK website or app and sign up to be notified with the items go on sale.