GPKNation Launching New Reese Pieces GPK Patch

GPKNation is planning an all new character launch. Tomorrow, 3/5, at 3:00 PM EST, the company will launch an officially licensed Garbage Pail Kids patch of Reese Pieces. The patch is based off the character of the same name from OS 4. No price has been revealed yet, but collectors can purchase the pass from the website. This won’t be the last collectors see of Reese, the company has plans on launching coins and pins based on the same character.

GPK Nation Set to Release New GPK Pins

GPK Nation is back again with a new officially licensed pin offering later today. They are calling this their Garbage Pail Kids Autographed Sketch Pin Set. This three pin set is based off of sketches done by GPK artist Neil Camera for the upcoming 2021S2 Vacation set. The set includes pins for Nasty Nick, Hot Scott, and Up Chuck. The pins are individually numbered /50, each order will receive the same serial number on each pin. The backing card for the pins is also numbered and signed by the artist. If these pins sell well, collectors could see pin sets by other artists in the future. The pins go on sale later today, 9/1/21 at 2:00 PM EST. GPK Nation also continues to release multiple GPK coins every week. Be sure to check out their website for the latest.

Adam Bomb Krashers Coin Highlights GPK Nation Launch This Week

GPK Nation is back to a regular launch schedule this week with a full slate of new licensed products. Up first is the fourth pin in the 12 week pin series. The Patty Putty pin will launch tomorrow, Tuesday 2/9 at 1:00 PM EST. Like previous pins, it will be limited to 50 copies.

This Friday, 2/12 at 1:00 PM EST, will see the launch of a new large coin/plate based off of Joe Simko’s Krashers artwork. There will be both Adam Bomb and Blasted Billy versions. The plates are limited to 200 copies each. For a limited time collectors that purchase Adam Bomb plate will get the Blasted Billy for free.

GPK Nation Planning for 12 Week Pin Party

GPK Nation is set to launch the first pin of a 12 pin series beginning today. Over the weekend GPK Nation showed pictures of the 12 pins, and actually had a surprise launch of 12 pins sets, that sold out quickly. Each full color pin is numbered and limited to /50 copies. The first pin, Peepin’ Tom will launch today, Jan. 19 at 1:00 PM EST. The schedule for the rest of the pins is; Janet Planet (1/26), Live Mike (2/2), Patty Putty (2/9), Cracked Jack (2/16), Buggy Betty (2/23), Ali Gator (3/2), Smelly Sally (3/9), Spilt Kit (3/16), Dead Ted (3/23), Beth Death (3/30, and Greaser Greg (4/6).

Coming this Friday, 1/22 at 1:00 Pm EST, will be the next Rose Gold plated playing card coin. Luke Warm is the next one to launch in Rose Gold, and like the others will be limited to 20 copies.

GPKNation Set for Silver Garbage Pail Kids Coins on Friday

GPKNation never sleeps it seems. After offering the final playing card coin last week, the company is going back to what got them started. They announced that starting this Friday, 10/9 @ 1:00 PM EST, they will be offering Garbage Pail Kids Challenge Coin #1 in a silver plated version. This will be the third version of the coin after the white and gold versions. GPKNation will be selling coin #2 on 10/16, and coin #3 on 10/23. Each coin is limited to 100 copies. The company promises there will be other surprises on sale throughout the month.

While this is the third version of the original coin being offered, that’s not all that exists. As Adam Goldberg and Louis Gregory were launching their endeavor they had six different color proofs made; red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and green. After receiving the proofs, they couldn’t decide on a color and ended up offering the white version. There are /5 proof sets of each color that exist. Eventually the colors would spark the idea for the colors on the emblems and patches that GPKNation have sold.


Leo Challenge Coins Launching New Coin Friday

Adam Goldberg and Louis Gregory are doing things very differently in the world of licensed GPK collectibles. A few weeks back Leo Challenge Coins begin offering weekly officially licensed GPK coins on their website They sold out quickly, within just a few mins. Gold plated versions soon followed, also selling out instantly.

They didn’t stop with just coins. Over the last couple of weeks collectors who are members of the GPN Nation Facebook group have been given exclusive access to pop up sales of officially licensed pins, keychains, and emblems. So far four pins; Sy Clops, Luke Warm, Mick Dagger, and Bony Jonie (/50), an Adam Bomb keychain (/25), and an Adam Bomb emblem set of 9 have been released. Collectors aren’t given very much notice of the sales. Sometimes just mins, other times a couple of hours. In all cases every item has sold out instantly.

The next item being offered has been given a few days notice. Louis begin teasing the newest coin to be offered this coming Friday. While no time has been announced, previous Friday sales have taken place at 1:00 PM EST. The large rectangular coin features Sy Clops on one side, with Adam Bomb on the other. The coin will be limited to /100. No other details, including pricing, have been revealed.

Collectors who want to add these limited coins, pins, and collectibles to their collections need to join the GPK Nation Facebook group, and keep your eyes peeled! You never know when the next item will pop up for sale.