Funko Announces GPK Bony Tony POP Figure for Virtual Con 2021

Today Funko made official what had been rumored the past couple of weeks. There will be a Garbage Pail Kids Bony Tony Funko POP for sale at their Spring 2021 Virtual Con. The Virtual Con is taking the place of the Emerald City Comic Con, which has been moved to December due to Covid-19. Despite the delay in the con, Funko decided to continue with the various promotions they had planned for the con. The Bony Tony is one of the exclusive POPs the company is offering to collectors during the Virtual Con, which is scheduled to take place 3/1-3/5. Members of the Funko Fan Club will be giving first crack at purchasing the figure through a lottery system. The deadline has passed for people to join the fan club to take advantage of this offer. However, never fear GPK collectors you will still have a chance to purchase the figure. While Funko Club members can purchase the figure starting 3/3, Hot Topic will have the figure available online and in stores starting 3/4.

Topps Shares Images of Upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Funko POPs

Topps today begin sharing images of the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Funko POPs vinyl figures. With toy expos and cons still cancelled due to COVID-19, companies are finding new ways to promote and launch new products. Topps shared photos of the Spilt Kit figure with GPKNews this morning. Photos of Leaky Lindsay were shared on Topps Facebook page. Photos for the other two, Ali Gator and Jay Decay, can be expected to be shared on GPK World and GeePeeKay today.

The figures can be preordered from Hot Topic now at this link. Preorders can also be made at, Bigapple Collectibles, GameStop and Clarktoys. According to the Hot Topic listing figures are set to ship between 3/16-3/27.

New Garbage Pail Kids Funko Pops Coming in 2021

According to the spreadsheet posted today on the Funko news twitter account @disfunko, there are new Garbage Pail Kids Funko Pops on the way in 2021. The list posted shows four Pop GPKs; Jay Decay, Ali Gator, Leaky Lindsay, and Split Kit. These will be the first GPK Funkos since 2018, and adds to the previous four GPK Pops released by the company. No other details such as release date has been announced yet.

Funko Announces Exclusive NYCC Adam Bomb Figure

This year’s New York Comic Con is set to take place is just a few weeks from Oct. 4-7. Funko has begun revealing their exclusive figures for the show. Yesterday they revealed via their Facebook page an exclusive Metallic Adam Bomb POP! figure. The figure will be offered at the Toy Tokyo booth. It will also be limited to 3000 copies. Word from Funko collectors say figures from Toy Tokyo are nearly impossible to get, so many collectors will have to resort to ebay to get their Adam Bomb fix. Topps is scheduled to attend the show, but has not announced any exclusives yet.

Funko Reveals GPK Pop! Vinyl Pictures

Funko has officially announced the Garbage Pail Kids Pop! Vinyl figures. Information on these regular sized figures started leaking out a few weeks ago, but now we have more information from Funko. The pictures of the figures was revealed in Funko’s blog in association with the London Toy Fair. There will be 4 regular figures, (Adam Bomb, Clark Can’t, Ghastly Ashley, and Beastly Boyd), and one chase Adam Bomb figure. It appears the chase Adam Bomb will be glow in the dark. The company says on the blog the figures will be out in May.

More Info on Upcoming GPK Funko Pop! Vinyls

More details are now available on the upcoming release of Garbage Pail Kids Funko Pop! Vinyls. We now have information on pricing, release date, and pictures. Pictures are now available showing mock up drawings of the figures. The figures appear to use a different form than the previously released GPK Mystery Minis. According to ordering information for pre-sellers the following figures are available:

  • Clark Can’t – #26000
  • Beastly Boyd – #26001
  • Ghastly Ashley – #26002
  • Adam Bomb w/ Chase – #26003

This is the first time a chase figure will be available for GPK Funko figures. The Adam Bomb chase figure will fall 1:6, or one per case of Adam Bombs ordered. Retailers are able to order each individual figure, 6 per case. Each Adam Bomb case will have 5 regular figures and 1 chase variant. While the type of variant Adam Bomb isn’t known yet, it should be more highly sought after than the regular version. It appears suggested retail pricing for each figure is $11.99. All figures are set to release in April of this year.

Funko Pop! Vinyl GPKs Coming in 2018

If various Funko rumor websites are to be believed, Funko is returning to Garbage Pail Kids in 2018. Collectors have already seen Funko launch two series of Mystery Minis, as well as a large Adam Bomb figure. It looks like Funko is using their GPK license in a new direction. This time in their regular Pop Vinyl line of figures. According to Funko news sites like Funko Pop News, the company will be launching the GPK characters sometime in 2018. Among a large list of upcoming Funko products are listings for four GPK characters. The characters listed are; Adam Bomb, Beastly(sp!) Boyd, Clark Can’t, and Ghastly Ashley. The figures have not been officially announced by Funko yet. No other info such as pictures, pricing, or release dates is available. 2018 is already shaping up to be another busy year in GPKs.

Update – Confirmed! Places that take pre-orders for Funkos have started accepted orders for the GPK Funkos. Still no pictures or release date info.

Funko Launches Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 Figures

file-nov-29-2-25-00-pmThank to GPK collector Bob Sam Syldel for being the first to spot these in the wild. It appears that today the Funko Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 Big Mystery Minis began showing up in stores. With a nice touch, Funko is using blue as the packaging to match the OS series 2 pack color. The set consists of 12 figures, the same figures that were mentioned in the order sent to distributors a couple of months back. Just like with the first series of Funko figures, there doesn’t appear to be any chase or special figures. This release comes with zero marketing so far from Funko. No mention of the set has been made on their website or on social media accounts. Its an odd course of action considering Funko markets most of their releases agressivily. You should be able to find these where Funkos are sold very soon, if not today. Here is the checklist along with pictures of the figures.

  • Buggy Betty
  • Beasty Boyd
  • Brainy Brian
  • Corroded Carl
  • Brainy Jane
  • Split Kit
  • Richie Retch
  • Frying Ryan
  • Sy Clops
  • Kim Kong
  • Eerie Eric
  • Mean Gene

file-nov-29-2-25-00-pm file-nov-29-2-25-14-pm

Funko Mystery Minis Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 Coming in November

It looks like the Funko/Topps license deal will continue. After launching Mystery Minis GPK Series 1 last July, it looks like pre-orders have started for distributors for Funko Mystery Minis Garbage Pail Kids Series 2. Thanks to GPK artist Chad Scheres for the heads up on this one. Set to release in Mid-November, there will once again be 12 figures to a box. No mention of any chase figures, similar to the Series 1 release. While Funko hasn’t released images of the toys yet the picture below shows mock-ups of the 12 figures available in Series 2.