Topps Shares Images of Upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Funko POPs

Topps today begin sharing images of the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Funko POPs vinyl figures. With toy expos and cons still cancelled due to COVID-19, companies are finding new ways to promote and launch new products. Topps shared photos of the Spilt Kit figure with GPKNews this morning. Photos of Leaky Lindsay were shared on Topps Facebook page. Photos for the other two, Ali Gator and Jay Decay, can be expected to be shared on GPK World and GeePeeKay today.

The figures can be preordered from Hot Topic now at this link. Preorders can also be made at, Bigapple Collectibles, GameStop and Clarktoys. According to the Hot Topic listing figures are set to ship between 3/16-3/27.