Value Box Art for 2020S1 Garbage Pail Kids Late to School

We are now a little over two weeks away from the release of the next retail set 2020S1 Garbage Pail Kids Late to School. Topps was nice enough to share an image with GPKNews of the Value Box art for the upcoming set. In keeping with the recent tradition of themed boxes, the box is shaped like a school house. The front of the box features artwork of a very frustrated looking principal done by artist David Gross.

Some other observations based on the odds on the side of the box. They odds are difficult to see in the picture, and they could just be a mock-up. But if real the odds look to be similar to the previous set, 2019S2 Revenge of Oh the Horror-ible. Loaded sketches look to be tougher to pull. Autos looks to be slightly easier. Pano sketches and Phlegm yellow borders are indeed in the Value boxes this set as advertised on the sell sheet. A lot of this makes sense. Less artists this set means sketches will be tougher to pull. Topps also increased the print run on the autos to /35 with this release, therefore making autos slightly easier to pull. Much more on the odds when the packs start to be released.