Topps Teases Garbage Pail Kids Classic Online Set

We’ve been talking about the soon to come online set GPK Classic for a few weeks now. Today Topps finally begin teasing the Garbage Pail Kids Classic online set. In a post on their GPK Facebook Page, Topps posted two images of cards and announced the set will be coming tomorrow! This is much sooner than anticipated, as sketch cards from artists were not due back to Topps until today. If the set does launch tomorrow, more than likely it will be a few days until it ships. While the number of base cards is unknown, the cards were painted by Brent Engstrom and Joe Simko. Both the cards in the teaser were done by Engstrom. Topps posted two examples as part of their tease. There is no word yet from Topps how the set will be distributed or pricing information. As soon as Topps posts the set online tomorrow, we will bring you all the details.