Topps Reveals Print Run for Topps x Ermsy Entertainment Blend

After ending earlier today, Topps revealed the print run for Topps x Ermsy Entertainment Blend. The online series featuring Ermsy’s take on GPKs, Wacky Packages, Mars Attacks, and Ugly Stickers sold a total of 9,986 packs. Ermsy’s popularity along with the lure of Garbage Pail Kids art proved to be a success for Topps. While not labeled a GPK set, those sales would make it the second highest selling online GPK set, just behind the Gamestonk set from a few years ago. The set was sold in 6 card packs, 5 base cards and 1 “hit”. Based on the total number of packs sold the base card print run can be broken down as follows:

  • Base Sets: 9986 Packs x 5 cards per pack = 49,930 total base cards / 20 cards in set = 2,496 number of base sets

Topps has confirmed with GPKNews that the B Names and Chopped Chase cards are not being printed in the same quantities, so there isn’t a way to determine the print run on those. With only 720 foils and 100 autos, there will be a lot of either the Chopped chase or B names. After this set proved to be successful, it will be interesting to see if Topps does another series with Ermsy, or another outside GPK artist.