Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids X NYC Takeover Set

For the first time in quite a while the clock ran out on an online GPK set without selling out. Today Topps revealed the print run for On Demand #18 Garbage Pail Kids X GPK Takeover. The set ended up selling 1211 copies. No word from Topps if that includes the sets sold at this years New York Comic Con. While the set sold just higher than the last On Demand set, it becomes the first On Demand GPK offer with sketches to not sell out since the first GPK Classic set. Why didn’t it sell out? There are a number if possible reasons. Did offering it a week prior at NYCC with little marketing and not letting customers know it would be listing online after hurt sales? Word of the set did not leak prior to NYCC, the lack of marketing ahead of time is sure to hurt sales. Or maybe 1200 is the limit of what Topps can expect from a GPK online set. Regardless of reason there are roughly 400 sets, along with 200 sketches that will be destined for the shredders. It will be interesting to see how Topps handles the next On Demand set, as well as the next convention offering.

2 Replies to “Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids X NYC Takeover Set”

  1. The reason is simple, the art is terrible. I’ve never seen so badly produced GPKs before. Why letting one (1) artist do a full set?

    • The odds 1:2 seem to water down the quality of the sketch cards. I’ll admit, the sketch cards seemed rushed. Blame the marketing department.