Topps Launches 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire

Are GPK collectors ready to support another Sapphire release? We’re about to find out. After delaying the release for a week, today Topps launched 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire. This release comes just four months after the previous Sapphire set, and one month since the release of Chrome OS 5. Topps is still playing catch-up as this release was originally planned for 2022. This also explains why, for the first time, a GPK Sapphire set wasn’t available to Montgomery Club members first. Topps went straight to the general public for this one. Topps advertised Club members will have access to the 2023 GPK Sapphire release. Topps also for the first time, is focusing on one original series instead of two. This set contains 100 cards, all 80 original OS 5 cards in addition to the 20 new cards that were included in Chrome OS 5. Each box comes with 8 four card packs for a total of 32 cards. One consistent for this new set is the possible parallels that can be pulled. Topps has changed the parallels available for this release. Possible parallels include; Black /125, Yellow /99, Fuchsia /75, Green /50, Orange /25, Aqua /20, Gold /15, Purple /10, Red /5, and Pad 1/1. Also as with the previous release, there is no information on the sales listing or box that states the number parallels guaranteed per box. Both previous releases guarenteed two parallels per box. No odds are available yet to determine print run information. Boxes first went live on the Topps UK website for £120.00. Boxes are now live on for $120 with a 10 box limit. There is no timer for the public sale. The sales listing states boxes will ship in 10-15 days. Time for collectors to get those shiny cards!