Topps Launches 2019 On Demand Set #11 Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink

Update: I heard back from Topps. Each order comes with:

  • 20 card base set (10 a/b)
  • 2 Green parallels
  • 1 Pink Parallel
  • 1 Scratch & Sniff Card (Not a sticker)
  • 1:2 chance at a sketch

Topps says they will be updating their listing online.

Original article…

Its time to smell your Garbage Pail Kids! Today Topps launched 2019 On Demand Set #11 – Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink. The brand new online set appears to come with 10 new pieces of art available in a/b names for a 20 card base set. The listing from Topps is very confusing, so its not clear what cards come with an order. They show the checklist as being 1-20. However, the cards pictured show 2a, 3a, etc. Based on the actual names listed it appears #11 is really card 1b, #12 is card 2b, etc. I believe the set is 20 base cards. The artwork for the set was completed by Joe Simko, David Gross, Brent Engstrom, Joe McWilliams, and Neil Camera. The cards themselves are all numbered on the front and have brand new back artwork with awards.

The listing says the set comes with 23 cards, 1 Scratch & Stink card, and a 1:2 chance at a sketch. There is no explanation for what the other 3 cards you get in an order is. The example pictures show a green and pink parallel. Topps doesn’t state how many of each come with an order. There is also no information on the scarcity of the green and pink parallels like previous sets. The Scratch & Stink cards, which should actually smell, look to be replacing the previous “C” cards in the recent online sets. The picture of the example one shows they are numbered with an “s” after the number, and the set has 10 total cards. There is no checklist listed for the sketch artists, it is currently unknown how many artists were invited to do sketches for the online set. I’ve reached out to Topps for clarification, if they respond the article will be updated.

Each set is available for $40. Free shipping is available if you choose the SmartPost option at checkout. The set is available on for 7 days. Topps is limiting purchases to 50 per customer this time, up from 20 the previous set. Topps should reveal the print run at the completion of the sale. Here is the checklist list as listed and some picture examples.

  1. Dorian Fruit (1a) – Artist: Joe Simko
  2. Moth Bill (2a) – Artist: Joe Simko
  3. Milly Dew (3a) – Artist: David Gross
  4. Wet Doug (4a) – Artist: David Gross
  5. Harrison Fire (5a) – Artist: Joe McWilliams
  6. Trashy Candy (6a) – Artist: Joe McWilliams
  7. Death Breath Seth (7a) – Artist: Brent Engstrom
  8. Farmin’ Francis (8a) – Artist: Brent Engstrom
  9. Tear-Jerk Kirk (9a) – Artist: Neil Camera
  10. Chummy Chad (10a) – Artist: Neil Camera
  11. Durian Ian (1b)
  12. Martha Ball (2b)
  13. Musty Maddie (3b)
  14. Phil-thy Animal (4b)
  15. Meltin’ Milton (5b)
  16. Darlene Dump (6b)
  17. Garlic Garth (7b)
  18. Maynard Manure (8b)
  19. Reeky Ricky (9b)
  20. Funky Fin (10b)