Topps Digital Launching Garbage Pail Kids Gamestonk on WAX

Update: Packs went on sale and promptly sold out in 17 mins. Here are the odds for the various cards.

Topps Digital is continuing their recent renewed focus on GPK launches today by launching Garbage Pail Kids Gamestonk on the WAX Blockchain. The set is based off the wildly popular online physical GPK Gamestonk set sold just a couple weeks ago. However, there are two new pieces of artwork for the set. The set contains 12 cards, 4 pieces from the physical set, and 2 new pieces, all with a/b versions. (5-6a/b from the physical set were replaced by the new cards.) The new cards were illustrated by Lars Kommienezuspadt and colored by Adam Mathison-Sward. This release is a little different than the recent Burnventure release, similar to other GPK mini releases. Packs are planned to go on sale at the Atomic Assets website at 6:00 PM EST. There are a total of 5000 packs available. Packs can only be purchased using WAX tokens. Each 3 card pack will cost the equivalent of $10 in WAX. For the first time the cards in the packs will be pre-minted. That means everyone will have the same chance at receiving a low mint numbered card in each pack. No longer do the first packs opened get the rewards. There is no burn mechanic planned for this release. Collectors opening packs will have the chance to pull base cards (B – Common/A – Uncommon), along with parallels; Prismatic (B – Rare/A – Epic), Sketch (B – Rare/A – Epic), Raw (Epic), Gold (Legendary), and Signature (Legendary) (only for 2 new pieces.) This article will be updated after the release with info on cards odds and sellout status.