Blue Borders/Foil Cards in Wal-Mart 30th GPK Packs

walmartThe rumors are true. Thanks to GPK collectors Robert Smith and Raymond Ledesma who were some of the first to spot these special retail packs found only in Wal-Mart Stores. The packs come with 3 retail packs and 2 special cards. You will get 1 of 2 special foil parallels of either Trekkie Travis or Loony Leonard. You also will get a special blue border parallel card found outside the packs like the foil cards. It appears the Blue Borders come in all 220 base cards.

The odds on the back of the cardboard mention a special Blue Border “Character Back”. Are they referring to the blue borders found in the pack and just label it wrong, or does it mean there is yet another Blue Border Character Back waiting to be found? I’ll update this article should more information become available.

Thanks for GPK collector Nick Bulblitz for the confirmation. There are also Blue Adam Bomb Character Back Blue Border parallels inserted 1:21 in the Wal-Mart packs. These will be tough finds.

blueborder odds