IDW GPK Micro Fun Packs Delayed Again

microfunpackGPK Collector Mikee Friesen heard from his distributor that the upcoming IDW Garbage Pail Kids Micro Fun Packs has been delayed yet again. Originally these were to be released last April. Just prior to release IDW pushed back until June. Now that we are two weeks away from the 2nd release date these have been delayed again until October, 2015.

The Micro Fun Packs are set to contain mini versions of previous GPK comics, a Poster, Pop-up Standee, and an exclusive GPK card. No reason as of yet for the newest delay. When these were delayed the first time word on the street was these had not been widely ordered and IDW wanted to give more time to see if they could sell more. Are these being delayed to give more time for additional sales? Maybe more content will be added? Or is IDW going to cancel this release entirely. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.