Super7 Launches 2nd Printing of Universal Monsters X Garbage Pail Kids

Earlier this year at their San Diego Comic Con off-site store, Super7 launched their extremely popular Universal Monsters X Garbage Pail Kids set. The packs sold out quickly, leaving collectors to spend a lot of money to collect the set on the secondary market. Super7 decided to have a 2nd printing of the set done. Packs went on sale this evening at Super7’s online store.The set  has the same exact 24 cards as the first set. However, this time the 6 card packs are wrapped in a green wrapper, and have ** printed on the backs of the cards to denote the 2nd printing. Suoer7 is limiting sales to 6 packs per coustomer, and warns that duplicate orders will be cancelled. Suoer7 also does not guarantee a complete set when purchasing packs. Now’s the chance for collectors to put together one of the most popular sets of the year.


2 Replies to “Super7 Launches 2nd Printing of Universal Monsters X Garbage Pail Kids”

  1. Bought six packs (which is the limit per household) and received the same cards 6 times. Funny ?huh! Doubt I get my money back too. If I were you, avoid this mess!

  2. At least you got yours! Three weeks and still not shipped. To be fair, I have contacted customer service twice, and got a response within 24 hrs., which is good. But wth is going on? When I asked what the news was on when I would get it shipped, I got this:

    “our fulfillment team is still in the process of sorting the issue out. It turned out to be a bigger issue than initially anticipated.”

    I only ordered 3 packs? Came here and found Jimbo had a negative experience…wonder how many others and what the “issue” is….