Super Premium Topps WWE Transcendent Set to Feature GPK Art

Are you a big fan of WWE and GPK? Do you have 13k lying around? Then maybe Topps 2021 WWE Transcendent is for you. Yesterday, Topps announced the latest super premium WWE set. For those unfamiliar with the Transcendent line, it’s a ultra rare boxed set that contains limited card sets, inserts, autographs, original art, and a VIP ticket to a special party. As part of this year’s set each box will receive an original piece of Garbage Pail Kids artwork from Brent Engstrom or Joe Simko. The example shown is Steve Austin artwork Engstrom did previously for the WWE x GPK card set and merchandise. No other info is available yet on the different GPK x WWE pieces that will be inserted. WWE Transcendent is set to be released 7/25/21 and is limited to only 50 boxes. If you want to scratch that itch, Steel City has some available for the low price of $12,999.95!