Retail Pack Odds for 2019S1 GPK We hate the 90’s

Updated 1/12: Added below are also the odds for Retail Display boxes. These 24 pack boxes are also marketed by Topps as Hobby boxes. Two important updates based in early observations:

  1. Yellow Phlegm borders are in the product. After being in the Blasters in Oh the Horror-ible, this time around they are in the Retail Display packs.
  2. The odds, especially for parallels, and perhaps other hits, appear to be overstated by double. For example the Yellow Phlegm borders are listed as 1:8 packs. However, in my first box, I pulled 6 yellows. Meaning the real odds would be 1:4. This makes the hugely overstated odds for Gold borders make a lot more sense. If you cut them in half it puts the odds in line with the previous release.

I’ll have a lot of observations on odds and production numbers in future articles. In the meantime scroll dow not see the odds for the Retail Display/Hobby boxes.

Original article:

It might still be five days before official release date, but collectors have started finding retail packs of 2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 90’s in stores. Multiple collectors have reported that Target stores in their area have stocked and sold them both Jumbo Fat packs and Blaster boxes. Thanks to GPK collector Ken Reese and ebay seller dbn077 for sending along pictures of the pack odds.

Once again there are no Target Gravity Feed boxes of the new series available. It appears the odds are a little all over the place on the new series. Usually the odds for Jumbo Fat packs are about 1/2 of a blaster back since they contains double the base cards. That is not the case this time. In addition the odds for most of the hits are considerably harder than previous releases. For example compared to Oh the Horror-ible, gold border odds are double for blasters and almost 4x higher on fat packs. Sketch odds are 3x higher on fat packs, but fairly close on blaster packs. Artist autos are also double on blasters, but only slighter higher on fat packs. This would usually indicate that production would be way up. However, there is one key thing to look at. Blasters are the only packs to come with Loaded Sketches, and fat packs are the only pack to come with Panoramic sketches. The odds for those compared to the last series are not that far off. In fact odds for pano sketches are actually easier, while loaded sketches have slightly harder odds. Does this mean Topps put all the hits into Collector and Hobby/Retail display boxes? Or are the listed odds not correct? We will have to wait to find out until those other pack types hit the streets.

One other important note. There are no Yellow Phlegm border odds listed on blaster packs. Also, based on feedback from collectors that have opened packs, they are not pulling them. Did Topps remove the yellow parallel from the set?

I’ll have my usual rundown of the production numbers in the coming days once all pack odds are in. In the meantime here are the odds for Blaster and Jumbo Fat packs.

2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s Blaster Pack/Box Odds

  • Fools Gold 1:87
  • Printing Plate 1:1208
  • Artist Autograph 1:190
  • Regular Sketch 1:256
  • Loaded Puzzle Sketch 1:114 (Blaster Boxes)

2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s Fat Pack Retail Odds

  • Fools Gold 1:76
  • Printing Plate 1:402
  • Artist Autograph 1:64
  • Regular Sketch 1:279
  • Panoramic Sketch 1:656

2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s Retail Display Odds

  • Phlegm 1:8
  • Fools Gold 1:87
  • Printing Plate 1:1221
  • Artist Autograph 1:190
  • Classic 90’s 1:3
  • Regular Sketch 1:279

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