Retail Odds for 2023 Series 1 (2021S2) Garbage Pail Kids GPK Goes on Vacation

After a 17 month delay, seeing is finally believing for collectors as 2023 Series 1 (2021S2) GPK Vacation cards are beginning to show up in the wild. The much maligned set was delayed and passed over by other sets due to Covid, printer shortages, contracts, and paper shortages. Originally titled 2021 Series 2, Topps has officially retitled the set, 2023 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids GPK Goes on Vacation. Thanks to FexEx being quick despite the holiday weekend, we have odds for both Retail Display (also sold as “Hobby”) boxes, and Blaster Tins. Not a.whole lot of surprises with the Retail Display boxes. Tom Bunk’s Famous Landmarks insert set is exclusive to Display boxes, while the Don’t Make Me Pull this Car Over insert set is found in both Display and Blaster packs at the same odds. Blaster packs also are the only place to find the Travel Sticker. At least that’s what they are called on the pack odds. The checklist refers to them as Bumper Stickers, while the Sell Sheet refers to them as Travel Posters. Yellow parallels, loaded and pano sketches also can be found in Blasters. Finally, there are three different Blaster tins as advertised. A 40 box case contained 13 Yellow, 14 Purple, and 13 Green tins. There hasn’t been a lot of breaks for evidence yet, but it appears Topps may have actually gotten the odds right. Yellow parallels are listed as 1:5, and each tin opened had 2. Meanwhile, the Blue parallels in Retail Display boxes are 1:15, and the one box opened had 1. For the first time, the Employee Short Print cards have odds listed for them on the packs. In an oddity, there are two autograph odds listed on the Retail Display packs. Artist Autographs are 1:279, while a mysterious “Autograph” is listed at 1:1,179. Is that just an error on the packs, or is there an unannounced autograph in the set? Based on an early look at odds it appears there is a lot of this printed. Blaster numbers look to rival the Book Worms set, Retail Display however appears to be less. I’ll have more in the coming days on production info for the set.

2023S1 GPK Vacation Retail Display Box Odds

  • Spit Blue – 1:15
  • Route 66 Asphalt – 1:72
  • Fool’s Gold – 1:95
  • Printing Plate – 1:5,326
  • Artist Autograph – 1:279
  • Famous Landmarks – 1:3
  • Autograph – 1:1.179?
  • Don’t Male Me Pull This Car Over – 1:3
  • Base Card Short Print – 1:1,056
  • Sketch Card – 1:441

2023S1 GPK Vacation Retail Blaster Box Odds

  • Phlegm Yellow – 1:5
  • Route 66 Asphalt – 1:250
  • Fool’s Gold – 1:338
  • Printing Plate – 1:5,502
  • Artist Autograph – 1:292
  • Travel Stickers – 1:4
  • Don’t Male Me Pull This Car Over – 1:3
  • Base Cars Short Print – 1:3,670
  • Sketch Card – 1:508
  • Panoramic Sketch Card – 1:20,036
  • Loaded Puzzle Sketch Card – 1:4,404