New Garbage Pail Kids Binders Incoming?

Thanks to GPK collectors GGG and Keith Liddell they uncovered some interesting information on the website of one of the new artists for the GPK 30th set. Miran Kim who created the Trekkie Travis/Loony Leonard card for the 30th set also has another GPK painting on their site, There is a painting for an unreleased GPK, “Marie Baguette”. In the caption it says, This is a sticker for Garbage Pail Kids 30th anniversary set and will be available at “ only”, there is A and B versions each sold with the two different versions of the “GPK 30th binder”. Release date is coming soon.” So does this mean we have new GPK binders incoming at 

Marie Baguette

The website also mentioned under the Trekkie Travis card that there is a foil version available in special Wal-Mart packs of the 30th Garbage Pail Kids set. Has anyone spotted anything in Wal-Mart?