Hybris Production Launches GPK Clothing Line in Europe

Do you live in Europe? Do you need a new wardrobe? Then Hybris Production has you covered. The company recently launched a large line of officially licensed Garbage Pail Kids clothing and posters. GPKWorld was first to report on the products. The Sweden based company has a license to produce a number of GPK clothing items and posters. There are nine different styles available; 7 card variations, 1 curved GPK banner, and 1 new licensed trash logo. Each style is available in 8 different types, everything from men’s and women’s tshirts, big & tall, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Most items also come in a number of different colors. A large range of sizes are available for almost anyone. There are also baseball caps and a tote bag with the new licensed trash logo. The company sells their cloths direct to Europeans in their online Shirt Store. The company also produces over 100 different  posters featuring artwork from OS 1-3. The posters are available in four different sizes ranging from 21 CM x 30 CM (8”x11”) to 70 CM x 100 CM (27”x39”). Europeans can purchase the posters from Just Posters online store. Collectors in the United States will have to get creative if they want these items. There is a seller on Amazon who will ship the clothing items to the US at a steep cost. The posters don’t appear to be available to be shipped to the US as of yet. This is one of the largest GPK clothing lines to date. Collectors are sure to find something for them.