Garbage Pail Kids Nifty Kids Sales Info, Re-roll Announced

After the 48 hour sales window ended, the sales results are in for Garbage Pail Kids Nifty Kids NFTs. A total of 2,396 Nifty Kids packs were distributed during the event. There were originally 10,000 packs made available for the sale. Not all packs were sold as the company distributed a number of free packs to makeup for an early error during the event.

During the opening hours of the sale an error in attributes was spotted by collectors. The attributes were reversed on the NFT and did not match the picture or ID of the Nifty Kid character. Raredrop was able to identify and resolve the problem pretty quickly, and packs opened up later in the day were correct. Anyone who opened a pack and received an “error” Nifty Kid was automatically airdropped a free pack for each error they opened. The following day the company launched a “fix it” button for collectors who want their Nifty Kid corrected. The button burns the error NFT and issues a new corrected Nifty Kid with a new ID.

After the sale ended, Raredrop and Topps announced they would be launching a Re-roll feature to anyone who has opened a Nifty Kid. The feature will give collectors the option to turn in their current Nifty Kid and be issued a new one from the random generator. They Re-roll event will remain open until all the remaining 7,604 Nifty Kids have been issued. Topps has not yet released the time when the Re-roll event will begin.