Garbage Pail Kids Challenge Coin #3 Coming Friday

Everything Garbage Pail Kids has been hot, and these new challenge coins have been no exception. Last week, the first two challenge coins sold out in just a few mins. Collectors will get another chance as today Adam Goldberg announced Garbage Pail Kids Challenge Coin #3. Produced by Louis Gregory, this officially Topps licensed coin features Bony Joanie, Fryin Ryan, and Hot Scott on the front. The 35th GPK anniversary logo in on the back of the coin. This is the third coin in what was a planned three coin series. Just like the previous coins this one is limited to 100 copies. However, for this coin, purchases will be limited to one per person. Like with the first two coins, each purchase comes with an autographed Adam Goldberg GPK card. The coin is set to go on sale this Friday, 7/31, at 1:00 EST. Coins can be purchased on the website. Goldberg is planning to continuing producing new coins in an ongoing partnership with Topps. Collectors will need to be on time as these should once again go fast!


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