Dynamite Comics Reveals Garbage Pail Kids Origins Issue #1

The Garbage Pail Kids look to become superheroes in an upcoming comic book series from Dynamite Comics. As part of their 2022 SDCC announcements they announced Garbage Pail Kids Origins Issue #1. The series finally brings to life Jeff Zapata’s action GPK drawings he’s been working on and sharing with the community for years. Zapata is handling the art direction and assisting in developing the story for the series. Zapata and Chris Meeks will handle all the artwork for the comic. Artist Dan Contois helped with coloring on issue 1, with Dustin Graham on issues 2 & 3. The story will be written by longtime GPK super collector and Goldberg’s creator, Adam F. Goldberg, along with Hans Rodionoff. Issue #1 variant covers were shown from Zapata, Ray Lago, and Tom Bunk, all previous artists for GPKs through the years. An Adam Bomb trading card cover variant was also announced. The comics will tell the superhero backstory for many classic GPKs. Issue #1 tells the story of how Adam Bomb becomes a superhero and helps win WWII against the evil Nasty Nick. The comic is set to be released in October. It will be available for preorder wherever comic books are sold in early August.