Collector Pack Odds for 2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s

Happy Release Day! Today is the official release day for 2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 90’s. Target jumped the gun on putting retail packs on the shelves last week. Today many hobby shops and online dealers will have Collector boxes available for sale. Thanks to GPK collector Ke We and ebay seller cardgarys for sending along the odds on the packs. When looking at these take note of some errors. 1) Topps has odds listed Dual Artist Panoramic Sketches on the packs. There are no dual artist panos in this set. They did however leave off the Tryptych sketches. I’m guessing the listed odds should be for those. 2) It also appears the odds for the parallels are overstated at least by double. More information is needed to confirm, but much like the listed odds on the retail packs, parallels are falling at a higher rate than stated. I’ll have much more on that and production numbers in upcoming articles. Here are the Collector pack odds.

2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s Collector Pack Odds

  • Spit 1:5
  • Bloody Nose 1:6
  • Fools Gold 1:87
  • Printing Plate 1:559
  • Artist Autograph 1:89
  • 90’s Wax Pack Parodies 1:24
  • Patch Card 1:50
  • Shaped Sketch 1:160
  • Dual Artist Panoramic Sketch (Tryptych) 1:480