Collector Box Odds for 2021 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight

Today is the official release day for 2021 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 Food Fight. Sure enough Collector boxes begin arriving on the doorsteps of collectors. Thanks for GPK collector Jake Schaaf for sending along pictures of the odds. Just like with retail, it appears production is up for Food Fight, especially with collector boxes. The odds continue to be overstated by double on parallel cards. Blacks are one per pack, but show on the odds as 1:2. Red odds are an astronomical 1:30, even at double, some boxes will only contain 1 red. With sketch odds being higher than the 35th set, it’s clear production is up significantly for Collector boxes. These odds also answer the question where all the autos went, auto odds are very long in retail, but in Collector boxes only 1:40. The magnets are actually 2 magnets on one card, that is individually wrapped. Also in this collector’s case every tin was blue, so Collector tins might only come in one color.

2020S2 GPK 35th Anniversary Collector Pack Odds

  • Pepper Black 1:2
  • Saucy Red 1:30
  • Fool’s Gold 1:358
  • Printing Plate 1:796
  • Artist Autograph 1:40
  • GPK Wacky Packages 1:24
  • GPK Wacky Packages Parch Card 1:112
  • Shaped Sketch 1:182
  • Tryptych Sketch 1:1,201
  • Refrigerator Magnet Card 1:24