Chrome Highlights Garbage Pail Kids Retail Releases for 2021

Of course Topps will continue Chrome Garbage Pail Kids in 2021. According to the yearly internal sales calendar for 2021, Topps is planning for their 4th GPK Chrome retail release. The calendar is the yearly production plan by Topps for 2021. While things can change, and there are no guarantees the set will be made, Topps has every intention of continuing with the GPK brand in Chrome form. After making Chrome OS 1 & OS 2 in 2013–14, Topps refused to make anymore GPK Chrome sets due to low demand. However, after intense collector support and a resurgence in the GPK brand, Topps came back with Chrome OS 3 in 2020. With production of Chrome OS 3 being the highest GPK set in more than a decade, the demand is there for Chrome to continue. Not much is revealed on the calendar for the set. It’s listed as “GPK Chrome” with a release date of 11/10/21. There is no reference to “OS 4”. So it’s not known if Topps will continue the yearly reprints or move in a different direction.

GPK Chrome isn’t the only thing on the calendar of interest to collectors. Garbage Pail Kids 2021 Series 1 Food Fight shows the planned release date of 2/24/21 remains in tact. “GPK Series 2” also appears on the calendar with a planned release date of 9/29/21. Again, no details of 2021S2, including theme, are shown on the calendar. However, artists are already in the planning stages of the set.  Once again, collectors won’t have much time between the second retail release and 2021 Chrome. Collectors however, will be excited that Chrome will remain for at least another year. Thanks to Jeff Pellegrino of Garbage Pail Kids Superstore at Hilltop Auctions for passing along the calendar. Be sure to check out their Facebook page!