30 Years of Garbage Now Available Online

The 30 Years of Garbage GPK documentary has hit another milestone. Wednesday, 9/20, marked the movie’s official release date for streaming services online. You can now get all your GPK history from just about any device! All the services below have the movie available to rent or buy digitially. Prices vary by service, so make sure to shop around. Here are the current offerings:

  • Apple iTunes: Rent – $5.99(SD/HD) Purchase – $9.99(SD/HD)
  • VUDU: Rent – $3.99(SD)/$4.99(HD) Purchase – $9.99(SD/HD)
  • Fandango Now: Rent – $3.99(SD)/$4.99(HD) Purchase – $11.99(SD/HD)
  • Amazon Video: Rent – $3.99(SD)/$4.99(HD) Purchase – $9.99(SD/HD)
  • Steam: Rent – $4.99(HD) Purchase – $12.99(HD)
  • FIOS On Demand: Rent – $4.99(SD)/$5.99(HD) Purchase – $9.99(SD/HD)
  • Google Play: Rent – $3.99(SD) Purchase – $9.99(HD)
  • YouTube: Rent – $3.99(SD)/$4.99(HD) Purchase – $9.99(HD)
  • Microsoft Store: $3.99(SD)/$4.99(HD) Purchase – $9.99(SD/HD)

The movie has been ranked as high as 35th in the documentary category on the iTunes Movie store. Indican says the movie should be available on all cable systems across the country. Right now Spectrum/TWC and FIOS TV seem to be the only major cable provider offering the movie. Be sure to check your local cable company for listings. The movie is not yet available yet on all-in-one services like Hulu and Netflix.

Indican says the physical DVD release of the movie is set for next week. Right now Indican’s online store, Target, and Amazon have links up when the listings go live. Expect the movie to be available at many more retailers when its released.

Meanwhile, 30 Years of Garbage continues its run on the big screen. The movie has been out now in theaters for six weeks. Tracking website boxofficemojo.com shows the movie has continued to be tracked in only 2 theaters in each week of release. After the initial week the movie has continued to perform consistently averaging about $2,000 per week in ticket sales. So far to date the movie has grossed $16,333.