2018 Series 2 GPK Oh the Horror-ible Sketch Card Preview

Sketch artists have been done with their sketches for the upcoming 2018 Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Oh the Horror-ible set for a while now. Topps has reviewed them and made their approvals. So why haven’t we seen sketch previews pop up? With the change in leadership in recent weeks over GPK at Topps, the rules have changed slightly. When artists received their approvals, they were instructed not to show their sketches until release date. This is a very short sighted approach from Topps. Topps is missing out on free publicity for the upcoming set. The past has shown that GPK collectors enjoy seeing what they have a chance to pull, and the previews influence their buying decision. It also allows artists to show off their work, and promote commission sales. Despite this decision, a few artists have posted a handful of previews for the upcoming set. A record high 58 artists have completed sketches for the upcoming set. Below is a few of the examples that have been shown so far. (Note that all sketches must be approved by Topps before being inserted into packs. Also, Topps will hold sketches back for replacements.) All photos courtesy of the artist, their Facebook page and/or website. 2018S2 GPK Oh the Horror-ible will hit stores on 9/19/18.

Updated 9/18/18 (Showing sketch previews from 28 of 58 confirmed artists.)

Artist: Bryan Abston

Artist: David Acevedo

Artist: Simone Arena

Artist: Ro Garcia Astorga

Artist: Quinton Baker

Artist: Michael Barnard

Artist: John Brewer

Artist: Neil Camera

Artist: Joey Fitchett

Artist: David Gacey

Artist: Shane Garvey

Artist: Dennis Gortakowski

Artist: Daniel Goodroad

Artist: Jon Gregory

Artist: David Gross

Artist: Jason Heil

Artist: Lowell Isaac

Artist: Simon Jacobsohn

Artist: Kevin Lea

Artist: Paul Mangione

Artist: Rory McQueen

Artist: Lily Mercado

Artist: Chad Scheres

Artist: Brent Scotchmer

Artist: Matt Steffens

Artist: Mike Stephens

Artist: Floyd Sumner

Artist: Gavin Williams

5 Replies to “2018 Series 2 GPK Oh the Horror-ible Sketch Card Preview”

  1. Wow! Thanks for posting these. I gotta say, very impressed with many of the Isaac & Brewer sketches. Lots of cool ones from other artists too! I’m going to love this series given the horror theme and the dark nature of it all will bring out some neat artistic flair.

    • I don’t believe you can post picts in the comments. Fill out the “contact Us” form. I’ll respond to you and you can send me a picture of the sketch. I’ll help you figure out who it is.