Trends International Launches GPK Stickers

Trends International looks to be a fairly new company to the Garbage Pail Kids license with Topps. They first launched posters found in Wal-Mart and on Amazon of OS 1 and OS 2 cards. Now comes word of two new sticker products from the company. The company specializes in licensed merchandise such as posters, calendars, stickers, etc. The first new product is called Pop-Up Stickers. Coming two sheets to a pack, these simple sticker sheets have numerous classic OS characters on them. Thanks to collector Johnny Nichols for first sharing these spotted in the wild. They were purchased from their local Five Below store. The Trends International website states the product is suppose to launch on 5/2/19, but it looks like some stores are putting them out early. The second product from Trends is the Sticker Flip Pack. The packaging on the website shows the pack will come with 6 unique sheets of stickers. This product just has a “coming soon” listed as the release date. Expect to see these pop up where licensed stationary products are sold in the coming months.