Topps Shares 2020 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire Checklist

The first mystery behind the upcoming GPK Sapphire release has been solved. Today Topps shared with GPKNews the checklist for 2020 Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire. As advertised on the box, the checklist features every card from OS 1 & OS 2. All cards from 1a/b – 83a/b appear on the checklist, 166 cards in total. There are no inserts listed on the checklist. No other information on the set has been revealed by Topps. Its still  in known if there are unnumbered base cards, or any of the odds on the parallels. GPK Sapphire was first available to 582 Montgomery Club members last Monday, then sold out to the general public in less than 30 mins. the following day. There is also no information when the boxes will ship from Topps. For now, the checklist can be seen in PDF form here.