Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids 2022 Was the Worst Cards #7-#10

Topps today revealed the remaining print runs for Garbage Pail Kids 2022 Was the Worst cards #7-#10. It appears Swifties showed up in full force, while sales for the remaining calls fizzled out. Card #7, Hammy Burgler, sold 1,108, card #8, Swift Revenge sold 1,791, card #9, Oinking Owen, sold 920, and card #10, Hooked Heidi sold 923 copies. The Swift card was the second best selling of the set. The final two cards were the only ones not to crack four digits, possibly due to sales being so close to Christmas. This does it for 2022 releases. Collectors might have to wait a few weeks for the next online release, as the first expansion set of 2023 won’t launch in early January as originally expected.