Topps Reveals Print Run for 2019 On Demand Set #11 Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink

It took just over 4 days for the latest online Garbage Pail Kids set to sell out. While this was the longest any of the recent online sets have taken to sell out, there is a reason. The print run is higher. Today, after the clock ran out, Topps revealed the print run for 2019 On Demand Set #11 Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink. According to Topps a total of 1200 sets sold. This marks the high number for any of the recent online offerings. Topps planned for this with ordering additional sketches from artists. We are now able to figure out the print run information based on the sales regulars.

  • Green Parallels – 1200 Base sets * 2 greens per set = 2400 total greens / 20 cards in set = 120 of each Green parallel
  • Pink Parallels – 1200 Base sets * 1 pink per set = 1200 total pinks / 20 cards in set = 60 of each Pink parallel
  • Scratch & Stink Inserts – 1200 Base sets * 1 S&S per set = 1200 total S&S cards / 10 cards in set = 120 of each S&S card

The greens stay the same as the previous Valentine’s set because each set comes with one less green this time. Pinks and the Insert set print runs are higher this time around. We also know the majority of the sketch card artists on the set. After asking around the following 12 artists completed sketches for the set, (included are the number of sketches they completed). David Acevedo (62), Neil Camera (30), Brent Engstrom (30), Jon Gregory (72), David Gross (30), Lowell Isaac (60), Joe McWilliams (30), Rich Molinelli (30), Barry Nygma (31), Jay O’Leary (72), Chad Scheres (62), and Floyd Sumner (62). Since sketches come 1:2 sets we know there should be 600 sketches. The numbers above account for 571 of those sketches. So, there may be one additional artist that hasn’t come forward yet.