Topps Launches The ABC’s of GPK Coloring Book

Fresh off a redesign of the website, there is the first online GPK product of 2019. Today Topps launched The ABC’s of GPK coloring book. The book comes with 26 pages of classic GPK characters to color. In addition it appears each order comes with one of three different A is for Adam cards. There are gold, green, and pink bordered variations of the Adam Bomb card. No mention from Topps on if any versions will be rarer than the others. The book and card costs $9.99. Shipping is free in the US with the SmartPost option. The book is available on for 14 days. The listing does not say if Topps will reveal the print run of the various borders. Here are pictures of the book and cards.

2 Replies to “Topps Launches The ABC’s of GPK Coloring Book”

  1. As usual usa gets everything and uk gets nothing. When will we start getting GPK products instead of the GARBAGE GANG knock offs

  2. I went to TOPPS to order this and the count down clock says there is still 3 days left but it says it is sold out. Was this limited to a certain number of prints I wonder?