Topps Launches On Demand #10 Garbage Pail Kids 35 Years of Untold Stories

The 35th anniversary of Garbage Pail Kids celebration continues on Today Topps launched On Demand #10 Garbage Pail Kids 35 Years of Untold Stories. This is a different type of set in many ways. The 90 card set is made up of comic style cards. The comics were written by former GPK Brand Manager Colin Walton. Artists doing the comic cards for the set are Darren Pepe, Chris Meeks, Dan Contois, and Neil Camera. This marks the debut of Pepe and Contois on card GPK finals. In addition to the 90 card base set, there are also two insert sets 80’s Style Skateboard Decks (Rory McQueen) and Cover Stories (Brent Engstrom/Camera). Each pack purchased comes with 24 base cards, and 1 insert from each set. Sketches are also included this time. Each set purchased has a 1:2 chance at a sketch. Sketch artists confirmed so far for the set include Jasmine Contois (40), GPK Nik (50), Robert Jimenez (40), Neil Camera (50), Joey Fitchett (50), Dan Contois (31), Rory McQueen (40), Derrin Pepe (30), Mike McHugh (60), Shane Garvey (40), Greg Trieze (40), Brandhen Snyder (50), Bekki Sharp (40), Cheduz (50), Barry Nygma (50), Chad Scheres (50), Gavin Williams (40), Jeff Dionise (?), and Anthony Skubis (40). For the first time ever special sketch card boxes will be inserted randomly at 1:100 sets ordered. Jasmine Contois, GPK Nik, Jimenez, Fitchett, and Camera all painted 4 sketch boxes. With 20 sketch boxes there appears to be 2000 total packs available. That translates to 533 base sets, 400 skateboard insert sets, and 285 Cover Insert sets. Each pack can be purchased for $40. Shipping is free when choosing the SmartPost option. The packs will be on sale for 7 days or until they sell out. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist along with pictures of the cards.

•Adam Bomb – Darrin Pepe (1-9)
• Nasty Nick – Chris Meeks (10-27)
• Alin Al – Daniel Contois (28-36)
• Slobbie Robbie – Darrin Pepe ( 37-45)
• Wrinkled Randy – Chris Meeks (46-63)
• Virus Iris – Neil Camera (64-72)
• New Wave Dave – Neil Camera (73-90)

(5) 80s Style Skateboard Deck Stickers
(7) Cover Story Stickers 

6 Replies to “Topps Launches On Demand #10 Garbage Pail Kids 35 Years of Untold Stories”

  1. I don’t get it. An “On-Demand” set with time still in the clock to purchase, and Sold Out. What am I missing??

  2. Are the rare sketch boxes going to be able to be seen without opening up anything? Or will you immediately be able to know you received one?
    Lots of people had to go to the second hand market to buy one and if you can see that you received the rare sketch box obviously the seller will send you a different box.

    Thank you for your time.

    I hope I can be around when the last 2 series come out this year ! Doctors have me on a -6months overdue list for checking out, I want to make it to -12 months to see the newest series!

    • I haven’t seen the boxes yet, but I would assume the sketch boxes would be visible, so you are right sellers on the secondary market could see them first.

      Also I wish you good luck with your health! Hang in there, lots of good stuff coming with the 35th and Chrome OS 3!!