Topps Launches GPK Late to School Video Series Sticker Set #1

Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids Late to School Video Series Sticker Set #1. The 5 card set features frames from a video short Topps also released today. The animated video depicts the GPKs going back to school for their 35th anniversary. The cards feature Topps logo for this year’s 35th anniversary of the Garbage Pail Kids. It would appear Topps will start doing this for each animated video short they do this year. The set costs $9.99. Shipping is free when choosing the SmartPost option. The set will be on sale for 30 days on Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist:

• 1- High-Flying Wedgie
• 2- Trouble-Making Tagger
• 3- Watermelon Warfare
• 4- Double the Flavors…and Mess
• 5- Food-Fight Frenzy