Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the Holidays

Update 11/24/19 – Sometime in the last few hours the set has sold out at Topps.

As promised, today Topps launched On Demand #22 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the Holidays online set. The 20 card base set features 10 new paintings available in a/b name versions. Artists Joe Simko, Brent Engstrom, David Gross, and Joe McWilliams each completed cards for the set. Each set purchased from Topps also comes with three green parallels, two red parallels, and 1 new snowflake parallel. There doesn’t appear to be any C names this time. For the first time each set also includes a foldable 5×7 poster. There will be 10 different posters in the set, 1 for each ‘a’ name. There is also a 1:2 chance to pull a sketch card. The set is available for $40 on for the next 7 days or until sold out. Shipping is free with the SmartPost option. The max number of sets per order is 50. Topps will post the print run of the set at the end of the sale.

According to the checklist there were 17 artists that completed sketch cards for the set. These artists completed sketches for the set, Shane Garvey (50), David gross (30), Joey Fitchett (50), GPKNic (30), Joe Grotesque (30), Jasmine Contois (50), Dan Contois (50), Antony Skubis (50), and Robert Jimenez (30), Gavin Williams (50), Brent Engstrom (20), Chenduz (50), Jason Crosby (50), Joe McWilliams (30), Rich Molinelli (50), Darrin Pepe (16), and Neil Camera (50). Once I hear back from all artists, I can figure out print run info. There are 686 total sketches completed by artists for the set. This means there are 1372 possible base card sets if it sells out. Based on the math there are 205 of each green parallel, 137 of each red parallel, 68 of each snowflake parallel, and 137 of each 5×7 poster.

Here is a checklist along with pictures of some of the cards.

Base Cards
1a/1b – Cranky Frankie/Bad Brad (Joe Simko)
2a/2b – Bony Jonie/Thin Lynn (Joe McWilliams)
3a/3b – Ailtin’ Al/ Mauled Paul (Brent Engstrom)
4a/4b – New Wave Dave/Graffiti Petey (Joe Simko)
5a/5b – Boozin Bruce/Drunk Ken (Brent Engstrom)
6a/6b – Nasty Nick/Evil Eddie (David Gross)
7a/7b – Wrappin’ Ruth/Tommy Tomb (David Gross)
8a/8b – Up Chuck/Heavin Steven (Joe McWilliams)
9a/9b – Adam Bomb/Blasted Billy (Brent Engstrom)
10a/10b – Fryin’ Brian/Electric Bill (Joe McWilliams)

Poster Checklist
1 – Cranky Frankie
2 – Bony Jonie
3 – Ailtin’ Al
4 – New Wave Dave
5 – Boozin Bruce
6 – Nasty Nick
7 – Wrappin’ Ruth
8 – Up Chuck
9 – Adam Bomb
10 – Fryin’ Brian