Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids Trashy Treasures Series 4

Topps surprised collectors today with the launch of Garbage Pail Kids Trashy Treasures Series 4. Like previous series, there are five new characters to collect. This round includes Dead Ted, Joe Blow, Explorin Norman, Ghastly Ashley, and Tee Vee Stevie. The figures once again come in various parallels, besides the regular base figure collectors might receive Red (Most Common), Green (Common), Black (Rare), Silver (Very Rare), or Gold (1/1). Topps did not reveal odds of the parallels. Each figure can be purchased for $19.99 plus shipping. Each figure also comes with a trading card of the character. There is no timer on the sale, the figures will be available on until they sell out. Here are pictures of the figures and cards.