Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids Game Over Level 4

The game continues as we are just past halfway through the sets that celebrate all things video games! Topps today launched Garbage Pail Kids Game Over Level 4. This is the forth of a planned six sets. This week’s set contains 10 cards, 5 new characters with a/b versions. After Brent Engstrom did all the art on the first three sets, David Gross takes over on the art for this week’s set. Each set purchased also comes with one wrapper card, or a gold foil wrapper card. Sets can be purchased for $19.99 each or in a lot of 10 for $179.99. Shipping is free when choosing the Economy option. Sets will be available for 7 days on Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is this week’s checklist along with pictures of the cards.

16A CHASE Invaders
16B Alien Attack ADAM
17A Jousting JEFF
17B Ostracized OSCAR
18A Cup FRED
18B Last Straw SAUL
19A Bathroom Bowser
20A Tracic TRACY
20B OLIVE Watch