Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays August Week 4

Topps is teasing big things for Thursday, but that doesn’t stop the weekly holiday release. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays August Week 4. The final set of the month has the usual 10 cards, 5 with a/b versions. Each set also comes with one light green parallel card. The set can be purchased for $19.99 or in a lot of 10 for $179.99. There are also 10×14 posters of each card available for $19.99 each. Shipping is free when choosing the SmartPost option. Sets can be purchased for 7 days on Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist along with pictures of the cards.

•16A Blasted Brutus
• 16B Mangled Maximus
• 17A Patty Trained
•17B Doggy Augie
• 18A Nasty Nicolette
• 18B Evil Edie
• 19A Mummified Clyde
•19B Tyler Paper
•20A ABBY Normal
• 20B HANS Delbruck