Topps Launches 80th Anniversary GPK OS 1 Wrapper & Poster

As part of Topps’ 80th anniversary celebration they are offering classic reprints of wrappers from the products they’ve offered throughout the years. Today Topps launched the 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art Card #23 – 1985 Garbage Pail Kids card and poster. The OS1 GPK wrapper reprint is the 23rd card so far in the set, as Topps offers 3 new card per week. The front of the card features the OS 1 wrapper, while the back has a writeup on OS 1 and the 80th wrapper set. In addition to the card, there are also two posters being offered. The regular 10 x 14 poster features the wrapper reprint along with a writeup along the bottom about the OS 1 GPK set. There is also a special 1/1 gold version of the poster. The card is available by itself for $7.99, or you can purchase 5 for $27.99 or 10 for $44.99. The card can also be purchased along with the other two cards being offered this week for $14.99. The regular poster is available for $19.99 each. Topps also offered the special 1/1 gold version of the poster for $99.99, but quickly sold out. Shipping on both the card and poster is free within the US when choosing the SmartPost option, while international shipping is $10. The card is available for 7 days on, while the regular posters will be continue to be for sale. Topps will announce the print run of the cards at the end of the sale.