Topps Launches 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Valentine’s Day Disgusting Dating

Only Topps could mix garbage with love! The yearly tradition lives on as today Topps launched 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Valentine’s Day Disgusting Dating. The set consists of 21 cards, 10 characters available in a/b versions and 1 header card. Artwork for the set was done by David Gross, Brent Engstrom, Joe Simko, Joe McWilliams, and Neil Camera. Even though Topps has dropped the “On Demand” name from the title, the contents of each purchase is similar to those past sets. Each set comes with the 21 card base set, 2 Dating Profiles insert cards, 2 red heart parallel cards, and 1 black heart parallel card. Each set also comes with either a Rainbow Foil /25 parallel, Gold Foil /50 parallel or sketch card. For the first time the odds on sketches are not posted by Topps. As confirmed by Topps, sketch artists for the set are; Greg Treize (40), Andrew Artz (30), Jasmine Contois (40), Barry Nygma (30), Brandhen Snyder (45), El Smetcho (40), GPK Nik Castaneda (40), Victor Moreno (40), Chris Meeks (40), Darrin Pepe (40), Chenduz (40), Bekki Jayne Sharp (40), Simone Arena (40), K Grimm (40) and Dan Contois (20). Each set can be purchased for $40. Shipping is free when choosing the SmartPost option. The set is available on for 7 days, however like previous sets with sketches it could sell out quickly. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here are pictures of some cards and the checklist.