Topps Launches 2021 Garbage Pail Kids Zoom Mishaps

Topps is back with another real time pop culture set. After the massive success of the Gamestonk set, today Topps launched 2021 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Zoom Mishaps. The 12 card set contains 6 new pieces of art with a/b versions. Each set can be purchased for $19.99 or in a lot of 10 for $179.99. Shipping is free when choosing the SmartPost option. The set is available for sale on for 7 days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist along with pictures of some cards.

•1A I’m NATE a Cat
•1B Neutered Ned
•2A Fowl Raoul
•2B Wrinkly Randy
•3A PhilTurd
•3B PoopyPat
•4A Scotty Potty
•4B Jason Basin
•5A Doug Face
•5B Ace Swap
•6A Adam Bomb
•6B Blasted Billy