Topps Launches 2018 GPK Golden Groans Awards Online Set

In what is now a yearly tradition, Topps started out 2018 online sets by jumping back into the awards pool. Today Topps launched 2018 Garbage Pail Kids Golden Groans Awards online set. The 12 card set features 6 new pieces of artworks, (in a/b versions), that is based off of this weekend’s Golden Globes award show. After going back to mixing the holiday online sets with Wacky Packages, today’s set features only GPK cards. The set is available for $29.99 as a complete set only. Shipping is free via the SmartPost option in the US, while international shipping is $10. It will be available on for 7 days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is a checklist and pictures of the cards.

1a: Two Fisted Tommy/1b: Disaster Artemis (Artist: Brent Engstrom)
2a: Shape Of Walter/2b: Help Mia (Artist: David Gross)
3a: Confused Kyle/3b: Detached Dougie (Artist: JungHwa Im)
4a: Dwight Walker/4b: Icy Issac (Artist: Brent Engstrom)
5a: Terrible Tonya/5b: Knocked Out Nancy (Artist: Brent Engstrom)
6a: Gary Odd Man/6b: Unwrapped Winston (Artist: Brent Engstrom)