Topps Adds 2023 GPK Chrome 6 to Release Calendar, Updates Date

In today’s email to distributors, Topps officially added 2023 Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 6 to the release calendar. The current street date shows as 8/30/23. This differs from the date shown on the Retail Sell Sheets, 8/18/23, which was released yesterday. There could be a couple of explanations for the difference of dates. Occasionally, Retail Blasters will release before Hobby boxes. That could be the case here, or the entire set is coming 8/30. GPKNews has asked Topps for clarification, this article will be updated if we receive a response. (Update: Topps has confirmed with GPKNews the release date for Chrome 6 is 8/30/23.) The Hobby sell sheet still hasn’t been released by Topps. The hope is that is sent out next week. Regardless it shouldn’t be too long before the next chrome set is in collector’s hands.