Site News: Partnership With

Notice anything different about With the help of a new partnership with, we put a little lipstick on this pig!

One of the things that makes this hobby great is the web presence of the Garbage Pail Kids community. All the major GPK websites are really good at what they do. I like to think we all compliment each other nicely. tries to do its part by striving to post timely and thorough GPK News. However, the website design and artistic logos may be lacking a bit. Enter a brand new partnership with

The important thing for you the reader is nothing content wise changes here at will continue as it always has, being updated by the same person as before, with the same content you are familiar with. In addition to some snazzy logos, you will now find a link to the fantastic GPK Card Galleries over at There are also direct links to follow on all their social media channels.

For those visitors to, the content there also doesn’t change. Joe Blow continues to add to 100’s of pages of galleries and historical information on Garbage Pail Kids. You might notice an overhaul of their News Page. You can now access all the recent articles, and links to the archives.

It’s great partnering with I’m excited and look forward to a long relationship. What this partnership does is gives GPK collectors quicker access to all the information they need! And in the process spiffy’s up this joint a little…